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Our Story

PickleBerry was born out of a love for weddings, changing seasons and foraging for green goods around the rolling Leicestershire/Rutland countryside.

Having taken time out to look after her twin baby boys and twin fury haired sausage girls, Isobel, decided to get back into floristry by being a wedding florist from home and run a range of workshops during the festive periods and when clucking hens or friends fancied making floral crowns back at theirs or a chosen venue.

Isobel started her floral adventure from a little girl, became professional in 2013 and qualified as a teacher of floristry in 2015.


Our Flowers

    The flowers come from the PickleBerry patch, local markets and the Dutch wholesaler for specific requirements.

All foliage comes from the patch, except eucalyptus, as the Aussies do this so well!

The patch (depending on season!) grows white and blue nigella, dahlias, sweet peas, alliums, dill, honesty, clematis, hydrangea, cosmos, cornflowers, blackberries, wine berries and next year strawberries and still deciding what else, if Isobel gets time.

    "We love a loose and romantic style meets country cottage garden feel. So expect a herby scent, trailing ivy and seasonal filler flower picks from the patch" says Isobel.






Q&A with Isobel


How did you get into flowers?

    My sister and fellow florist, Tessa Papworth, had a flower shop in Holt (Norfolk) when I was a very little girl so I guess it’s in the blood! I am originally from Norfolk and find that the nature around there is the most inspiring and beautiful. We take wedding bookings for Norfolk too!
 When I moved to Leicestershire I began to take it more seriously, off I went to Brooksby and completed my two years in floristry and then did another year to gain my teaching qualification at Melton Mowbray.

Why PickleBerry?

The flower patch includes blackberries, wine berries, blackcurrants, damsons, sloes and next year I will do strawberries. My dogs name is, Penelope Pickles. On a dog walk one day I thought up the name and decided to go with it. I now have another sausage dog, Nelly Mouse.

What is your favourite flower?

    That is really hard… if it’s one it has to be the rose as you get so many variations in colour, shape, size, smell etc. But if we are talking seasons, Spring- ranunculus, anemone, hellebore's, Summer- Peony's, Sweet peas, Hydrangea, Autumn- Dahlia's, Winter- I just love foliage and berries!

Whats your flower style?

    It depends on season but at the moment I really do love romantic blushes such as peachy, pinks, toffee with golds and berries. I love loose and natural styles and also a nice herby smell!

Describe your style?

    Stripy top, converse, jeans usually and an apron on working days! In an ideal world I would love to style myself as Victoria Beckham when wanting to look smart/chic and Sienna Miller when I would want to look more edgy, that's just never going to happen though!

Other than flowers what are you passionate about?

Family, rugby, netball, needle felting, coffee, vino, G&T, bakewell tarts, dachshunds, swans, Jane Austin, stately home visits, Norfolk, Uppingham, glitter & sequins, buying local, British, PickleBerry’s flower patch!

What do you offer other than wedding flowers?

    We offer workshops. These can be tailored made for a hen do, birthday parties, christmas or any occasion. Workshops are a brilliant way to learn the art of floristry, have a cuppa or a glass of bubbles, meet some new peeps and take home your makes. Some workshops I have created are flowers wands for a little girls birthday party, floral crowns for hen do’s and wreath making during the festive season.